Crystal Resin Comb DIY Set

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    Create beautiful DIY crystal resin craft in a most practical way with the Crystal Resin Comb DIY Set!

    Crystal Resin Comb DIY Set includes advanced DIY full set tools(comb molds, resin & color inks) for professional-quality comb making. The finished comb is not just a decor - It's super handy & comfortable to comb with smooth, rounded comb teeth!

    Non-stick & flexible silicone mold helps de-mould easily, guaranteeing a perfectly-shaped comb without any crack/de-mould mark. Taylor-made styles by adding other decorative materials like glitters, sequins, dried flowers/ plants etc

    Never limit creativity - Mix different colors with the resin glue to create effects of galaxy/starry night/waveUnique, dreamy handmade combs are always best gifts for your beloved ones


    • Crystal Resin Comb DIY Set
      Provide a full set of DIY tools (comb mold, resin & color inks) for the most practical portable crafts - Crystal Resin Comb!

    • Easy to De-Mould
      Non-stick & flexible 
      guarantees a perfectly-shaped comb without any crack/de-mould mark
    • Clear & Smooth
      Clear mold shape decreases the risk of comb breaking
      . Smooth surface allows you comb comfortably
    • Easy to Use
      Simply mix any element & color ink with resin, wait to dry naturally within a minute! Suitable for both craft beginners & professionals

    • Mix Your Own Color!
      Feel free to mix different colors even with your own inks. You can also leave them transparent with resin glue

    • Unique Sparkling Style
      Taylor-made styles by adding other decorative materials like glitters, sequins, dried flowers/ plants etc. 

    • Special Useful Gift Ever!
      Special handmade gift for your friends, lovers, family & children
    • No UV Lamp Required
      Just wait to dry naturally without any UV lamp, or apply hairdryer for the quickest result


        • Material: Resin, Plastic, Ink


        1. Pour color ink & resin glue into the comb mold
        2. Wait until the it dried, add additional decorations optionally
        3. Take off the mold after resin dried


        • 2 x Comb Mold

        • Set A/B/C:
          2 x Color Ink
          2 x Comb Mold

        • Full Set:
          2 x Color Ink
          2 x Coaster Mold
          1 x Set Glue (A glue 50g + B glue 50g )