Flexible Draining Tool

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Get rid of AWFUL, MESSY oil changing experience!

Flexible Draining Tool is the greatest partner of oil draining for vehicles and engines without any spilling! It smoothly transfers any liquid including oil, gasoline etc. to the certain place stably. 

With the draining tool, you can flexibly in different shapes like U-shape, V-shape or funnel shape to pour liquid into even tiny & narrow entrance of container

Never get messy & hate oil change again!


  • Magic Draining Tool
    Greatest partner of 
    oil draining for vehicles and engines without any spilling

  • Highly Flexible
    Made of silicone with high plasticity. Can fold flexibly in different shapes, bends & arches to perfectly fit 
    different conditions / levels of oil flow. Securely attaches to any pipes or engines with customised shapes

  • 360° Encompassment
    Prevent leaking even in a urgent rapid pouring
  • Anti-Spilling Pouring
    Able to fold in different shapes like U-shape, V-shape or funnel shape  to pour liquid into tiny & narrow entrance of container

  • Easy to Use & Clean
    Slightly form it by hand, and clean it simply by towel

  • Durable, Reusable
    Made of high quality & durable material, reuse it over and over


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 37 x 17 cm 


  • 1 x Flexible Draining Tool