InstaBoost™ Catalytic Converter Cleaner (120ml)

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Fuel effectiveness decreased apparently or smell rotten egg odor from your engine? Instantly clean catalytic converter before it's too late!

Instaboost™ Catalytic Converter Cleaner (120ml) cleans the converter deeply & utterly without removing / damaging the unit! Best money-saver ever - it effectively boosts engine performance by removing dust, stain and other contaminants

Efficient to prevent potential overheating - Stop the engine light flashing up on your display to ensure 100% safe driving!


  • Boost Engine Performance
    Deeply cleans entire fuel injection system including several parts like oxygen sensor,  fuel injectors, cylinder heads etc.

  • Maintain High Drivability
    Prevent potential problems such as power reduction, hesitation, rough idle, dull starts 

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption & Bad Smell
    Unclogged converter consumes less fuel while getting rid of the icky smell by properly operated purification

  • Lower Pollutant Emission Level
    Lower your total hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50%
  • Engine Protection
    Maintaining proper fuel usage and exhaust flow keeps the engine running cleaner, better & more efficient

  • Easy to Use & Clean
    Simply pour in the fuel tank & wait for the magical result
  • Universally Applicable
    Safe to use for gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and flex-fuel vehicles without altering fuel mix. Not for use in 2-stroke engines


  • 1 x InstaBoost™ Catalytic Converter Cleaner (120ml)