KitchVille™ Reusable Kitchen Paper Towel

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KitchVille™ Reusable Kitchen Paper Towel is not just the normal kitchen paper towel but a reusable paper towel! You just wash it with water and reused 5-6 times!

It is washable and durable. Not easy to wear out or broken. It can help you to wipe cleans easy.


  • Reusable
    Will not leave lint behind like other kitchen paper towels. You can wash and reuse 5-6 times before they wear out.
  • Washable
    No moldy, no odor. Only need to clean with water after use.
  • Wide Usage
    ideal for washing dishes, polishing stainless appliances, wiping counters, and tackling different kinds of kitchen tasks. 
  • Highly Durable
    Microfiber texture makes it durable and not easy to be broken.


    • Material: High-Quality Microfiber
    • Roll Size: (Diameter) 7.5cm x 25cm
    • Paper Size: 20cm x 25cm


    • 1 x KitchVille™ Reusable Kitchen Paper Towel