Self-Adhesive Baseboard Stripe Sticker

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Felt too bored for your home decoration? Self-Adhesive Baseboard Stripe Sticker provides a brand new look for kitchen, bathroom & dining room - with the most convenient & easy-to-install wall/floor line decoration!

With the self-adhesive function, you don't need any special tool or messy grout mixture. Simply cut it to any length by 1 chop, peel the backing paper off and stick to the surface you want. Works on any flat surface without popping bubble or mark!

You can remove it without leaving any glue/tape residue. We offer 9 grand & plain patterns for different home styles - Simple, Luxurious, wood styles etc..... 

Let's stylise your lovely home with our unique line stickers!


  • Elegant Pattern Baseboard Stripe Sticker
    Provides a brand new look for kitchen, bathroom & dining room
  • Upgraded Length
    5m per roll
    - enough to make whole set decoration of your home

    • Strongly Self-Adhesive
      Peel off a layer from the paper liner and you can stick on any surface including wood, plastic, tile, glass etc

    • Waterproof 
      Highly protect the surface of original wall from oil, moisture & stain of any liquid

    • Seamless 
      Easily stick on flat surface without pop-up bubble or mark

    • Easy to Apply & Dismantle
      Cut the size you want, then peel off a layer of vinyl tiles from the paper liner and stick it on a clean flat surface. Easy to handle and ideal for 1-person operation

    • Alternative Interior Decoration
      Easy to remove without leaving any glue/tape residue. Feel free to switch different home styles - Simple, Luxurious, wood styles etc..... Perfect for those who love decorating home

    • Perfect Durability
      Easy to clean the surface and prevent wall yellowing. 
      No roll up of edge
    • Wide Application
      You can decorate the floor, wall, ceiling, even on vase & sink

      • Size: 0.1 x 5 m
      • Material: PVC


        • 1 x Self-Adhesive Baseboard Stripe Sticker